In addition to the classic SAP implementation consulting, ITMCS offers support for the
optimization of existing technical structures, business process engineering and
reengineering. The emphasis of ITMCS SAP projects lies on the modules Logistics,
Controlling and Human Resources and we are also focused on the integration with external
systems. Our long-term experience with SAP R/2/3 as well as with SAP ERP as a solid
base for integrative solutions and hassle-free SAP projects.

Application development / Interfaces to external systems
Within the realm of application development (e.g. plant-data-collection systems), one of the
most important points is the seamless integration of external applications with the back-end
system. This can only be achieved by strictly following a total-conception approach. ITMCS
provides our customers everything firsthand; starting with the system layout and design over
the infrastructure selection and/or procurement, the system implementation up to support,
and outsourcing scenarios for your productive system

Our experience has revealed, that a sound training of all users and project stakeholders is one of the crucial factors using or implementing a highly-integrated business-system. For this reason the ITMCS specialists provide customer specific in-house training sessions. All sessions are held on-site using direct access to your implementation. This hands-on training follows a "learning by doing" approach and ensures an effective knowledge-transfer to your employees.

Designing a maintenance-friendly and at the same time highly secure role scheme is definitely a very demanding and challenging task for managers and project leaders, but it has to be considered an indispensable and integrative part of the entire, company-wide security concept. The ITMCS Team provides both conception and implementation of authorization systems as well as auditing and extended security checks for your existing system.

There is a vast variety of possible outsourcing scenarios, that depend on system landscapes and are bound to specific company objectives. They cover the field from simple user management to application support in marked off sectors up to a pro-active supervision of business-critical system functions. With your individual selection of an ITMCS Support Package you can efficiently solve all your IT-related problems.